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Offer vs. Serve Program Begins at Ridge Road Schools |

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Offer vs. Serve Program Begins at Ridge Road Schools
Offer vs. Serve Program Begins at Ridge Road Schools

The Washington County School Nutrition Program will be introducing a new way of serving lunch to our students at Ridge Road Primary and Ridge Road Elementary beginning Monday, September 14.  This new method called Offer vs. Serve allows each student to make choices, following guidelines provided by USDA, as they move through the serving line. Washington County High School and T.J. Elder Middle School cafeterias already use this program.

Each day at lunch, items are prepared from the five food groups:  meat, grain, vegetable, fruit, and milk. Beginning Sept. 14, students must select items from three of the five groups and one of the three choices must be a vegetable or a fruit serving. This is the minimum that a student is required to pick up, but the student may select every item, as is being served to him at this time. If there is an item or two that the student does not like, he will have the opportunity to pass over it. This will help minimize food waste.

An informational video which will demonstrate possible trays that can be made from the school lunch menu will be on the school and district websites. Signage will be posted along the serving line reminding the students what is required and cashiers will be at the end of the serving line with a final reminder for students.

Offer vs. Serve will allow the student to play a role in the selection of what is placed on his tray. Experience has shown that most students usually eat what they select.  

We appreciate your support and ask that you talk with and encourage your child as we move to this type of meal service. Menus are provided for each student to take home monthly and are posted on the school website.

Karen Yonchak is Director of School Nutrition for Washington County Schools.

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