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Washington Co. Copes with Ongoing Outages | News

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Washington Co. Copes with Ongoing Outages

Michae Bridges has lived in Sandersville for 39 years, but says no storm compares to last night.

"This is the worst I've ever seen it. I've never seen it like this," Bridges said.

For nearly three days, her childhood home has been without power and water.

"It's been crazy here. We're not prepared for weather like this. We normally have a little bit of ice, little rain, little bit of snow every so often, but we're not prepared for this kind of weather. This was really bad," said Bridges.

Because of the storm, Bridges has been relying on lights from lanterns and moved her food from the fridge to a relatives' as the city entered crisis mode.

"Right now, we have what I would call a natural disaster," Bridges said.

Mayor Jimmy Andrews, who lost power himself for a day, says the ice storm was a lot for the small city to handle.

"And all my life living here in Sandersville and Washington County, I've never seen anything that compares to this ice storm we just experienced. We were prepared for it. We knew it was coming," he said.

But with Sandersville being a small city, he says they simply weren't equipped for what was to come.

"We knew it was coming, but we didn't think it was going to be to the extent of what we received."ID=5487417

He says line crews have been working nonstop. There's no quick fix to many of the outages Sandersville's been facing for three days and counting.

"Some of them may be Sunday, but hope the majority of them will back on by sundown today," he said.

So for now, all Bridges and her family can do is wait.

"I mean, I hope that it's going to over pretty soon, and I know we can stay here at least tonight," she said.


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