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Brentwood students travel back to the 1700s | News

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Brentwood students travel back to the 1700s

"It's almost like they step out of a time capsule into the 18th Century and then climb back out of it at 3:00 when their day ends," said Patti Harris.

The students and teachers at Brentwood School in Sandersville lived a day in the life of early settlers Thursday to celebrate Colonial Day. For the last 6 weeks, students have been learning about the American Revolution and how people lived back then, and history teacher Patti Harris says they wanted students to have a hands-on understanding. To do that, she says it's about more than just what's in a textbook.

"We realized that other than just glossing over a chapter in the social studies book and learning about those people, that it would mean more and that they would always remember if they experienced firsthand the sacrifices that those patriots made," Harris said.

In preparation for Colonial Day, students wrote journals and painted portraits of their colonial personas, went on an archaeological dig, and made environmental displays of indigenous animals.

But Thursday, students put their skills to the test as they made butter, wove chairs, learned the art of fanning, learned translated Latin phrases, made candles, and more.

But the students agreed on one thing.

"How they lived back then was a lot harder," said student, Emily Prince.

"It's been hard work," student Cole Hodges said.

"It's hard," said student Ellie Atkinson.

"It was a lot harder than it is today," said student, Harlen Scott.

But overall, some students say it's about keeping one thing in mind.

"Those people that sacrificed their lives for us, they made us be free," Hodges said.

Later Thursday evening, students will be attending what they think is a party, but it's actually a secret meeting away from the British to plan the revolution.



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