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Sandersville Battles Live Buzzards With Dead Ones | News

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Sandersville Battles Live Buzzards With Dead Ones

Dealing with a buzzard problem?

One central Georgia town is, and it's turning to an interesting solution.

Sandersville is using buzzard carcasses to ward off live buzzards.

One carcass is perched on a water tower in town to scare away the birds because public works director Bob Eubanks tells 13WMAZ, it is illegal to kill buzzards.

That doesn't mean they don't cause problems.

"Buzzards are filthy, disgusting, foul creatures. We had to do something immediately to reconcile the situation," Eubanks says.

By scaring the buzzards away, Eubanks explains they're also trying to improve cell phone signals. 

"They nest on the antennas which are mounted on the water tower. You get poor cell phone reception and you really don't want to tell your customers that's why you're losing signal strength--'cause there's buzzard poo on the antennas."

The carcass, made of a plastic bird body with real buzzard wings, was provided by the US department of Agriculture.


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