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High Profile Bills Pass on 'Crossover Day' in Ga Legislature | Politics

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High Profile Bills Pass on 'Crossover Day' in Ga Legislature

Georgia lawmakers closed "Crossover Day" with the passage of several high profile bills Thursday.

Senate voted to ban Georgia law enforcement agencies from setting minimum waiting periods before they act on a reported missing persons case. That's Senate Bill 13. It will now go to the house.

Lawmakers in the House approved a plan to lower grade requirements for those seeking HOPE grants to attend the state's technical colleges. They voted 169 to 1 to send it to the Senate. 

The bill would return the qualifying grade point average to 2.0.

The House also passed the highly publicized "Safe Carry Protection Act," which would allow people to carry weapons to bars and churches if the property owners allow it.

People would also be allowed to carry firearms in most parts of a college campus, except dorms and sports events.

The bill applies to people who have Georgia weapons licenses and that means they've been fingerprinted, passed a background check and a mental health check.

That bill now goes to the Senate.

The Senate approved a bill to require nurses to report alleged professional violations by their colleagues. It would also require nursing agencies to notify the state anytime a nurse is fired or asked to resign for disciplinary reasons.

The Senate also approved changes to a tax credit program that provides scholarships for children to attend private schools.

Those changes include a reporting requirement on the average household income of recipients and requires eligible students to have attended public school for at least six weeks with a few exceptions.

Under the system, people can receive state tax credits by giving nonprofit scholarship providers donations of up to $1,000 for individuals and up to $2,500 for married couples.

Any bills that didn't make it out of their original chamber Thursday will be dead for the year.


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