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For Some, Happiness Can Come in a Cup

I admit: I love coffee. Maybe you do, too. So, I thought I'd assist all of our wallets with this little piece of information/happiness.

Today, May 6, starts Happy Hour at Starbucks. 

That means from 3-5 p.m., you can get half-priced frappucinos. 

The Happy Hour is daily through May 15.

Now that is what I classify as good news. 

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HomeAgain Pet Microchip

HomeAgain Pet Microchip

Let us help you be prepared for the unthinkable- a lost pet!

The shelter IS NOW offering pet microchipping to the public, so help us spread the word!!!!

We will use HomeAgain microchips.HomeAgain is the largest lost pet recovery service and is the leader in the industry.

A shelter employee will implant the chip in your pet and it is there for life! We will also help get your pets chip enrolled in your name.

The chip is about the size of a grain of rice and it will be implanted between the shoulder blades of your animal. It is a quick and painless procedure! It does not hurt your pet, does not require surgery, and it does not move out of place.

It is a state requirement that each and very animal that comes into a shelter be scanned for a microchip. So if you pet is ever lost/stolen and ends up at a shelter or clinic, this chip can ensure that your pet arrives back in your arms.

Technical College Receives Grant

Sandersville Technical College received a grant from the Tri-County EMC last month.

The grant will fund the CNA certification exam for nine Putnam County High School dual enrollment students.

Last month, the Tri-County EMC Foundation Board approved 13 applications, totaling $30,093 in OperationRoundup funds, to benefit organizations or individuals in local communities. That's according to a Tri-County EMC news release.

Operation Roundup is funded by the voluntary contributions of Tri-County EMC Members to the Tri-CountyEMC Foundation

Participants in the program have their monthly bill rounded up to the next dollar and thedifference is donated to Operation Roundup. Any individuals wishing to make a tax-deductible donation tothe foundation may contact Lindsay Graham at 478.986.8126 or mail a check payable to: Tri-County EMCFoundation, Inc., P.O. Box 487, Gray, GA 31032.

Sandersville Walmart Announces Store Changes

The Sandersville Walmart, located on South Harris Street, recently began an extensive renovation.

The store will receive a full remodel from the inside out and will represent the latest in Walmart's store design and customer experience. That's according to a Walmart news release.

The remodel began March 27 and is expected to be completed in May 2011.

The new design is based on feedback from customers and will feature a clean, open and bright new look in the store with low-profile shelving, bright interior paint scheme and lighting, and easy-to-read signage to help customers find the products they need.

“We are excited to bring an improved shopping experience to our customers,” said store manager Donna Wilcher. “We listened to our customers and are redesigning the store to make shopping at Walmart even easier,” she added.

Save a Cup for Earth Day, Get Free Coffee

Conserve. Get free coffee.

In honor of Earth Day today, you can bring your travel mug to Starbuck's and get a free cup of coffee.

On any day though, you can bring your travel mug or tumbler to Starbuck's and receive 10 cents off your purchase, or you can order your drink "for here" and drink out of a non-paper cup.

Starbuck's Earth Day article says that 1.2 million people participated last year. That's a lot of saved paper cups! And that's just one day.

What if we used our travel mugs every day?